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At our November 17, 2010 chapter meeting we agreed to look at twinning with the Infection Prevention program at the Cameroon hospitals that we were able to provide with medical books in 2009. 

A subcommittee was formed of interested chapter members, and meetings are held over lunch at regular chapter meetings. There has been enthusiastic support from the Cameroon ICPs and their CEO for this project.

Our annual goals include:

  • fundraising
  • sponsorship of a Cameroonian ICP as an IPAC Canada member
  • electronic mentorship program
  • electronic discussion group
  • collection and shipment of medical and IPAC supplies

Ongoing Support

Jacob nkwan is now a member of IPAC Canada and of IPAC Eastern Ontario! In 2011 we also sent a large shipment of medical items to the Cameroon hospitals, and a second shipment followed in 2012. Fundraising is ongoing to purchase hardware, software and training equipment and to bring Cameroon ICPs to an IPAC conference. Cameroon artwork was sold at the 2011 IPAC Canada conference in Toronto to raise funds and continues to be sold at our chapter's educational events.

Collection of medical supplies and books is ongoing, and we plan to send annual shipments of these to Cameroon. In 2013 we attempted to bring Jacob to our IPAC Canada conference in Ottawa, but he was denied a visa. Three chapter members presented Jacob's posters at the conference in his place (see Posters, at right).

2014 Update

Our Chapter has been involved in the Alcohol-Based Hand Rub (ABHR) hand hygiene initiative at the four CBCHB hospitals in Cameroon. GoJo supplied 2000 100ml bottles and 500 500ml bottles. The ABHR is made according to the World Health Organization recipe in the Central Pharmacy. Five hundred ml bottles are filled and distributed to the four hospitals where it is decanted into 100ml by the pharmacies at each facility. The staff are then able to carry it in their pockets for use at the bedside. Once empty they are retuned to the pharmacy for cleaning. We have provided a cleaning protocol for the bottles between uses which is the pharmacy's responsibility.This has been a completely manual process until recently when we sent them a pneumatic filler for the 500ml bottles.

Hand hygiene posters have been sent and are in use throughout their facilities. They have also been provided with "Glo Germ" kits to assist with education.

Hand hygiene equipment challenges include ensuring that any equipment sent can be cleaned and repaired easily, is durable, non-electric (given the flammability of alcohol), small enough to transport easily to Cameroon and affordable for our chapter.

This is an ongoing project as ultimately Jacob would like to provide ABHR to all facilities and especially to the remote sites. At this time the program is restricted by the manual nature of the ABHR production. We will continue to provide support for this project.

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