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Honorary Life Membership in IPAC EO for Shirley McLaren!

Shirley McLaren It is our pleasure to award Shirley McLaren with Honorary Lifetime Membership to our chapter at our meeting in November 2017. Shirley has been an active and passionate member of our chapter, actively promoting the work of the chapter and the benefits of joining IPAC Canada to stakeholders and colleagues. She has also represented the chapter on various IPAC Canada interest groups including Dialysis, Pediatrics, Community Care, Oncology, Epidemiology & Surveillance, as well as the IPAC Canada committee Programs and Projects. Shirley’s contribution to infection prevention and control locally, through her various roles with the Chapter, her various employment opportunities in the community care setting, and by establishing the local Infection Control in Community Care Committee (I4C), as well at the provincial level as the first member of PIDAC to represent the community care setting, have and will continue to have, an impact on the lives of many. Shirley truly is a builder in the world of infection prevention and control, especially in the realm of community care and she is a most fitting recipient of our chapter's highest award. Congratulations Shirley!